Each of the below learning paths prescribe a recommended set of tasks, books, courses, etc. to help you put together a study plan.  Remember the Break Diver's Creed: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets. Go make it happen!


  • Find learning materials that give you an overview of novel writing.  You can find some of the best in our 'resources' section for Writer (Novel).

  • Polish your language skills so that you’re competent enough to write novels in whichever language you choose.

  • Definitely make sure to have a good writing platform.  For some, it’s just a pen and paper.  For others, it’s a full suite of writing tools.  There are a number of free options you can choose from in the ‘resources’ section, and also some paid ones too

  • Read more and write more to expand your perception in writing. Don’t stick to one genre, and remember to start journaling!  And start writing short stories!

  • Be sure to visit all 'Beginner Resources' here in this handbook.


  • By the intermediate stage, you should have a good number of stories written out and polished.  It’s helpful to write short stories to get started because the format is the same: beginning, middle, end.

  • You should have published or posted at least a few of your stories on one of the writing platforms that are recommended in our handbook.  We hope you will share some of your writing on BreakDiving.io too!

  • You should be able now to combine some short stories and wrap them up into a whole novel or come up with a brand new idea for a novel.

  • Take other classes in novel writing, to improve your writing skills in writing.

  • Read MORE, write MORE and MORE, and do even more journaling. Try to expand your vocabulary, language skills, and imagination.

  • Be sure to visit all 'Intermediate Resources' here in this handbook.


  • By this stage, you should have many more stories written and polished, and you should have at least 3 novels written.

  • Start focusing on wrapping your stories into a longer novel of around 400 pages.

  • Start to prepare your own first manuscript (for publication) and consider submitting to agents, publishers, etc.

  • Work your butt off to  formally publish one of your novels

  • Be sure to visit all 'Advanced Resources' here in this handbook.