How to Use This Site

The Concept

In a nutshell, the idea is to find dives (dreams) you want to pursue, then get certified at different levels, starting at Level 1 and moving up to Level Elite, and when you get enough individual dive certifications, you can move up in member level from Recruit then to Level 1, and all the way to Elite. These certifications will go on your public accomplishments page, showing what you have undeniably accomplished.

The Community

We are a worldwide community of individuals who love helping one another! As we grow, not only will you make friends from around the world, but you'll also be invited to local events, live and in person, in a major city near where you live. We are hoping to create a vibrant community, both online and off.

Post an introduction of yourself!

Go to the dashboard and click on New Post
Be sure to choose the tag: bd-introduce-yourself
Do NOT just say “Hi”. Please write a full in-depth paragraph that allows us to really get to know about you!

Share interesting thoughts, articles, ideas

We are here to have interesting discussions and to learn from each other! Have a question you need answering? Our community will provide you with insights based on their experiences.
We have two main discussion areas: the main message boards, and the various chat rooms. Explore and get to know your new home!

Comment on others’ thoughts and ideas

This community thrives on members supporting one another. When someone posts something, respond!
To find the most recent popular posts, click on “Hot Topics”
To find posts that still need comments, click on “Lonely Posts”
To find old posts that you may never have seen, click on “Blast From the Past” to read ten random posts that are older than 3 months. If you respond, that post jumps to the top of hot topics!
How do you respond to posts? Easy: Just type in the box on the bottom of the post’s page
How do you respond to a comment? If you want to respond to other people’s comments, click on Reply under the comment and a text box will pop up for you to respond! Easy.

Join a chatroom

We have many chatrooms open to our members. You are automatically a member of the “BD - General” chatroom when you join.
The BD stands for “Break Diving”. Other categories of chat rooms include FP (Fluency Project), WV (World Views), HK (H.A.C.K.ers), etc.
If you don’t see a chatroom that you are interested in, make a request on the message board with the tag “bd-bugs suggestions”. We will gladly open one a new chatroom once we see that there is a demand for it from multiple members.
To join other chatrooms, click on Join a new chatroom on the left side of the chatroom page (desktop) or top of the page (mobile). You will be redirected to a list of all of the chatrooms you can join. On this page, you can join or leave chatrooms.

Be kind

We want this to be a safe place to talk about whatever you have in mind, in a respectful, non-judgmental manner.
This can only happen when people are nice, kind, respectful, and do not maliciously criticize or make fun of other members. Purposefully putting others down simply because their views are different from yours is not mature, and is just plain mean.
Instead of encouraging hate, try to understand what the other person is truly saying. You might learn something!

Pursue Dives & Get Certified

Once you understand the basics of the site, you should start to look for the first dive you’d like to be certified in at level 1.
Click on the ‘Dives’ link in the menu, and then read everything you find.
Find a dive you already meet the requirements for at level 1, and add it as a dive of interest from your profile, and then click “Go For It”.

Once you are sure you meet all the requirements for certification, submit your documents and apply for certification.
Once you get your first dive certified, you will unlock your public accomplishment page to share with the world!
You can learn more about the dive process on our Get Certified Page.

Become Break Diver - Level 1

Keep pursuing and certifying dives
Once you certify your 5th dive, you will become Break Diver - Level 1.

Visit Your Profile Page

By clicking on your name, you can visit your profile
Posts that you have created are on the bottom of your profile page if ever you need to find them quickly.
Click on “View Public Accomplishment Page” to see what the public see when they visit your page.

Get Ready For In-Person and Online Get Togethers!

Very soon, we will be starting scheduled live chats in the chatroom, group meetings via video, and in-person get togethers in a city near you! Once we have enough members in any particular city, we will start creating in-person events, so you can make new friends live, and in person!

Next Steps

First, finish all the steps on your onboarding checklist. When they are all checked off, the checklist will be removed from your dashboard.

Take some time to click EVERYTHING. There's a lot more on the site than people initially realize, and we want you to become familiar with it all.

Finally, get involved! Post messages. Ask questions. Respond to others. Engage! The more you speak up, the more you are going to get out of this experience.

Thank you for joining us! And invite some friends!