Get Certified

Thank you for being part of the Break Diving community! We appreciate all of your contributions, or if you're not yet a member, thank you for considering joining us! Now, it’s time to get certified! Please follow the steps below to get yourself CERTIFIED.

Individual Dive Certifications

  1. Choose your dive of interest. Even if you have already met the requirements for Level Elite for that dive, you must still choose it as a dive of interest as the first step.

  2. Choose that dive as a dive in pursuit. You accomplish this by pressing the 'Go For It' button on your profile page. Be sure to make the accompanying post and explain why you are pursuing this dive.

  3. Verify that you meet the requirements for that level. Each dive and level has different requirements you must satisfy. You can check out the current requirements on our dive resources page.

  4. Tell a staff member you wish to certify a dive. Then, either make payment, redeem rockets, or utilize your all-access membership to get a dive certification attempt started. Coming Soon: You will be able to click the 'Certify Dive' button next to the dive.

  5. Gather and submit your evidence. No one gets certified until the BD Dive Committee sees both public and private evidence to prove that you met the threshold. First, you share your public evidence in the community, with the tag bd-dive-committee. Once your dive certification is approved, this will be what we share on WYSEguidance to show to the public that you meet the requirements. If there is anything that we need from you in order to prove your certification that you do not wish shared with the public, you can send that via email to info at breakdiving dot org and the staff will review it privately.

  6. Write and submit your WYSEguidance post. After we have approved your evidence, you then need to write a post for our W.Y.S.E.guidance blog. The WYSE stands for "What You Should Expect" and is our service to help both members and non-members find support and encouragement from those who have already done what you want to do. Please visit WYSEguidance and get familiar with the format. Read a bunch of the posts there. You must write a WYSEguidance post for every certified dive, so get comfortable with the format. If no one has yet been certified in your dive, verify with us what 5 - 6 questions you must answer. When it's done, submit the Word document to info at breakdiving dot org. We will review and get back to you. We will always edit it to ensure proper English while doing our best not to change your voice.

  7. Become certified! Once we post your WYSEguidance post on our blog, a few things happen. First, you can see the blog post live! We actively promote the blog via our google ads, so yes, people are going to read it. Second, you get to see your profile updated with that dive's new level in your certified section. Cool! Third, we will publicly share with the entire community your success! Fourth, you will see your amazing public accomplishment page start building up your life accomplishments, to share with friends, colleagues, and employers all over the world.

Member Certification Levels

  1. Join Break Diving That's the first step!

  2. Be an Active Member We only certify members who are currently active on the leaderboards.

  3. Meet the minimum point requirements This ensures you have been a participating member for the minimum average length of time.

  4. Meet the minimum certified # of dives threshold This ensures that you only get upgraded if you have the required number of Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or Elite dives already certified.

  5. Click 'Request Membership Level Upgrade', and pay the required upgrade fee. For the time being, if you ready for level upgrade, just let a staff member know. We are currently working on updating the code to allow members to do this manually.

NOTE: You can see the point, dive, and rocket requirements in the rocket store.

NOTE: At any time during this process, you can ask questions and get feedback from the staff! We are here to support you in your certifications! Please send an email to info at breakdiving dot org, or post a message in the community with the tag 'member-support'

NOTE: All dives must be earned consecutively. You may not skip Level 1 and jump to Level Elite, simply because you already meet the higher level requirements. You must work your way up methodically, like everyone else before you. Why, you ask? Simple, we say! Our mission here at Break Diving is not just to help you, but to help everyone who is struggling to succeed in that dive. If we certify you immediately at a higher level, and you only write one WYSEguidance post (for that higher level), those who are just starting out as recruits across the globe will not then benefit from the knowledge and wisdom you would have shared as you described your lower level achievements. We absolutely want to get you certified at the higher levels, but first you need to prove that you want to help others along the way too!

If you visit the Break Diving Personal & Business Success Blog, you will find hundreds of motivating, inspiring, and educating articles on a wide variety of topics, including the Fluency Book!

Finally, if you love our mission and would like to make a donation to help support us and our mission, please read more about our fundraisers. Your assistance will help keep us online and growing!

No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.

--The Enthusiastic Break Diving Staff