What does it take to succeed in this dive?
Like studying anything, to succeed as a novelist, you will need to spend a lot of time writing!  The best way to get better is through good tutorials and consistent practice!  In other words, the likelihood that your first novel gets written in 2 days and becomes a best-seller is pretty low.  Sure it could happen (and we hope it does), but the best approach is to assume it’s going to take a while, so you need lots of patience and lots of determination.
The next thing you absolutely need is a good command of whatever language you are writing in.  Whatever the language, you need to be able to write descriptive paragraphs (using perfect grammar) that help the reader understand.  You need to be able to not only write clearly but also with emotion.  Perhaps most importantly, the dialogue must sound realistic.    Writing a novel requires more than just an idea for a story, and you’ll soon figure that out 
Most importantly, do not give up.  Learning to write well in any language takes a lot of practice and time.  And trying to write a good novel?  Wow, that really takes skill.  So be easy on yourself.  And keep writing!
So how to succeed?  Keep going.  Learn constantly.  Always be enrolled in a course or write more short stories and read more books.  And practice.  You must actually write if you want to actually succeed at the novel WRITING! :D   
Finally, make sure you finish your novels and share them with others.  But… don’t take any criticism to heart.  If you took one of your grammatically-correct novels and put a famous author’s name on it, most people would say, “Wow, such an interesting writing style.”  But if you had told them it was yours, your friends would probably be less forgiving.  Just let your imagination loose and don’t worry too much about what others think.
NOTE: All that matters is what your fans think.  If everyone else hates your novel, but your few fans love it, you’re on the right track!