Does it matter which country I am in to pursue this dive?

Unless you live in remote areas where there is no internet connection, anyone from anywhere in the world should be able to pursue React. All you need is a good computer ( PC or Mac, it doesn’t matter), an internet connection, a desire to learn, of course, the time - which you must set aside for the purpose of learning.)

So, whether you are from the Vatican, Lesotho, DRC, Saudi Arabia, China, the US, or anywhere in the world, you can pursue this dive. 

The bottom line, the answer is no: it doesn't matter at all which country you are in.  Wherever you are, you can start learning or improving your React skills.  Truly, these days, if you want to become an expert in React, you just have to dive in and work hard!  

Remember the Break Diver's Creed: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.