Introduction; What Should I Know About This Dive?

Congrats! You are thinking about pursuing (or continuing your pursuit of) Reactjs! Awesome you! 
React is a fun and relatively easy to learn JavaScript library (or framework if you prefer) for creating beautiful user interfaces. 
It is an open-source library that was created by and is maintained by Facebook. It has quickly become the most popular front end Javascript library and if you want to build cool user interfaces that are fast and interactive, then React is the right tool to add to your toolbox.

Learning or improving your Reactjs skills is certainly an excellent investment of time and money, and no doubt because it gives you a unique skill that sets you apart from your peers. Also, it's super fun!

So in answer to your question, the answer is yes, Yes, YES! Learn Reactjs!

We are proud to share with you this completely free online compendium of resources to help you get started with, improve, and ultimately master Reactjs.

To that end, on the pages to come, you will find a bunch of truly helpful React resources, each answering a key question you need the answer to. We also provide a list of resources, broken down by level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, to ensure you get the support you need, no matter at what level you may find yourself.

Where do the resources come from? Our members and staff here at Break Diving. We individually screen every resource prior to posting to ensure high quality and to verify the authenticity of each. If it's listed, it means a) one of our Break Diving members has used the resource and highly recommends it, and b) the listed resource has in some way supported the growth of Break Diving and believes in our mission (or at the very least, has not actively refused to support our mission).

You can trust that each resource we list is legitimate, and has our Break Diving seal of approval. If you have any issues with any of the resources listed, please reach out and let us know!

That all being said, it's time to take a deep dive into React. Ready?

Why React
React is: 

  1. Declarative - You can painlessly create UIs by assembling simple views and React will render the right components when your data changes. This makes your code more readable and easier to debug.

  2. Component-Based - You can easily compose complex UIs from reusable components that manage their own state.

  3. Popular - React is arguably the hottest Javascript framework by far, I mean, take a look at the npm trends recently!

React developers are in high demand currently and if you want to jazz up your coding resume, you should definitely consider learning React.