The most important part of International Living is having enough money for your stay in the country that you plan to live in. You do NOT want to be stranded without money or a way to get home.

To ensure that you have enough money, you should get your finances in order well in advance. Create a budget sheet that outlines your planned expenses for your stay based on the cost of living in the area. Add a few hundred more dollars to the budget for unplanned expenses.

This leads to the second most important part - planning. 

  • Where will you stay? Will you stay in a hotel or a hostel? 

  • What kind of food will you eat? Will you order food everyday or will you cook your own meals? 

  • How will you get around? Will you rent a car or a scooter? Is it possible to walk everywhere?

  • What activities will you participate in? Are there free activities? 

  • What clothes will you wear? What is the average temperature of the area at the time you plan to stay there? Can you buy clothes there?

All of this needs to be taken into account when planning for your trip.

The third part is to learn about the culture. You do not want to have cultural faux pas! Learn a few words in the native language and learn how they greet each other. The locals are sure to treat you with more respect if you take a little time to learn about their culture.

The final most important part is - having fun! Enjoy yourself. Things WON'T go as planned, and that's okay! Sometimes it makes the trip even better!