What are the costs of pursuing this dive?

$0 - Unlimited

Thanks to the internet, and a plethora of free online resources, you can pursue this dive for free, even from your local library, as long as you can secure an internet connection.

There are plenty of blogging platforms that you can use to write your own blogs for free, and there are numerous online tutorials for blog writing as well.

We’ll share a bunch of these with you shortly.

If you want to spend some cash, you can take classes to learn more about blog writing or to improve your writing skills. Mostly, though, if you want to start a blog, there are no financial barriers holding you back.

So no matter what your budget, we assure you: you can afford to pursue this dive.

Not only that, no matter what your budget, you can also afford to take this dive as far as you like, even to the coveted certification as Break Diving - Artist - Blog Writer - Elite!