Dive Committee - Dive Level Quality Control

Role Type: Member-Volunteer (See below for role type explanations)

Job Description: We have so many dives and dive levels, and we can't keep them as up to date as we need them to be. So we need someone to help us, by reviewing all of the dives on a regular basis, make sure the levels all make sense, and making sure any new dives added to the community are also added to the dives and dive levels pages. This is an incredibly important job that helps to ensure that our dive program is always fully up-to-date.

Requirements: Attention to detail. Critical thinker who understands a little about a lot of things. Must be a broad thinker, but someone who also has precision.


If you are interested: Be sure to please read all of the 6 steps on the previous page. Then, you can begin the 6 steps by applying first to the community, getting accepted to the community, and then reaching out to us in the vopportunities chatroom within the community. We will guide you further from there.


    For Staff Volunteers AND Member Volunteers
  • Read everything on our corporate website, www.breakdiving.org; our community homepage, breakdiving.io; and the breakdiving.io/vopportunities page. Be sure to know what the Break Diving community is, why you want to help us grow, and why you think you will fit in on our team. Be sure to refer to our corporate mission and to some of our current staff members by name to show us you actually did some research.

  • For Staff Volunteers Only
  • Be prepared to also explain why you believe you can handle working in a fast-paced environment with a million moving parts. Be prepared to wxplain how you will manage your 'day job' and working here at Break Diving too without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Volunteering at Break Diving is intense. It's not an hour or two here and there. It's a long-term "volunteer to employment" position, extremely entrepreneurial, with high expectations, and a lengthy application process. Some of the key qualities we look for are: dependable; responsible; time juggler; enthusiastic; fun; loves to learn; loves to help others; likes speaking to others; can code, or desperately wants to learn; creative; entrepreneurial; big thinker; ambitious; good at time management; comfortable with computers; can multi-task; ready to partake in a part-time ongoing weekly training program; good team player; respectful of authority; respectful of other team members; has leadership ability or potential; ability to lead when necessary; friendly; capable of meeting regular weekly deadlines; capable of meeting weekly requirements; capable of regularly getting lots done; can juggle your normal live PLUS your second life here at Break Diving, and seamlessly integrate them both; independent; kind, good at communicating regularly and clearly, loves mentoring others, owns your mistakes, admits them, and fixes them; not afraid to admit your mistakes and learn from the mistakes; makes things happen; always learning; capable of working on a remote team; impeccably honest and trustworthy; hard working; independently productive; patient; disciplined; ability to see the big picture while also focusing on small details; happy to help others; believes 100% in our mission; wants to be a part of what Break Diving is doing over the long haul.

  • Everyone on our team helps everywhere. It doesn't matter if you primarily want to help with marketing, coding, finance, or operations--you will be wearing multiple hats. If you don't code, and prefer marketing, we will still train you to code. If you code, you will also be helping with marketing and finance. Everyone chips in wherever is necessary, because that's the team we are: we do what is necessary to get the company to the next level. Are you in? Ready to multitask and wear multiple hats? Ready to be a part of something awesome?
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