• Focus on the country names and locations at first.

  • Use downloadable map PDFs provided in the resources section in conjunction with the beginner map game resources to start learning the names and locations.

  • Yes, it’s all about memorization and practice.  

  • Consider writing your own song or poem about the countries.

  • Be sure to visit all of our beginner resources for African Geography!


  • By the intermediate stage, you need to start understanding not just the country names, but also the definite locations, and capitals.  

  • You should be able to take a blank map and write all countries and capitals with ease.

  • Be sure to visit all of our intermediate resources for African Geography!


  • By this stage, you should be a master of African geography.

  • Without any outside help, you should be able to draw a complete political map of Africa on a blank sheet of paper.

  • You should be able to identify rivers, lakes, and surrounding bodies of water.

  • You can also look into different governments, flags, landmarks, etc. if you’re interested

  • Be sure to visit all of our advanced resources for African Geography!