Congrats! You are thinking about taking the dive to move to a different country! That’s a huge step!
Many people choose to move to different countries for many reasons. Some people move for better work opportunities. Some people move to different countries to provide better futures for their children. Some people move to take advantage of a cheaper cost of living.
Regardless of your reason, moving to a different country is a great way to learn about different cultures, to learn different languages, and learn about yourself. You will have experiences and face challenges that you would never have in your home country. The experience of being a foreigner, meeting new people, learning about cultural differences, it’s a great experience!
You will get lost, but you will also find your way. You will discover and frequent local gems such as the best restaurants, the best beaches, and the best festivals. You will meet people who will become your best friends and people who help you to grow as a person.  You will perhaps grow homesick and suffer culture shock, but you will find a way to create little pieces of home.
You will also have to become an expert regarding visas and taxes to ensure that you don’t get into trouble with the law.
It is a truly amazing experience, and we are excited to help guide you through it!