What is the best way to get started in this dive?

First, to get started, get started RIGHT. Many people start learning Arabic by focusing exclusively on Romanized Arabic (which is the way we write Arabic sounds using the English alphabet). Do not do this. From day one, learn the tones and pronunciation WITH the Arabic characters.

Second, pick ONE dialect to focus on. If you focus on more than one dialect at a time, you will get confused and start mixing dialects. Each dialect has a different way of saying AND pronouncing things. Choose one and focus on it.

Third, make sure you focus on your pronunciation. If you don't, you will get off on the wrong foot with terrible habits.

Fourth, practice it wherever you go. Ideally, work with a live teacher every week, so you can actually practice real conversations.

As you continue, ask EVERYONE you know (who knows Arabic) to correct your Arabic. Always. It’s the quickest way to improve--via instant correction.

Finally, put together a solid study plan and schedule, using the many resources we have assembled for you on the pages to come.

So to get started, your first step (after joining Break Diving) should be... to go to the next article!