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Description: THIS IS A PAID EVENT: $10 US Dollars. LENGTH: 2 hours. Ready to finally get your writing project idea out of your head, onto paper, published and/or sold, and available for others to enjoy? Whether it's a non-fiction self-help book, a novel, or a screenplay, the procedure is the same for all three according to Monroe Mann's foolproof process of WPM (Write, Publish/Produce, Market). You will learn from Monroe Mann, someone who has written and published best-selling books, and who has had one of his screenplays produced (and now available on Amazon Prime). You will learn the format for the writing you wish to do, and get the ideas out onto paper. If you don't have an idea, he will help you figure one out. And you will write! And create plans! And get it all on paper. And you will leave knowing you really accomplished something awesome. This is a class you can take over and over again to help you get those ideas out onto paper! 2 STEPS TO REGISTER: 1) Click register here, and 2) Make payment by visiting https://www.paypal.me/breakdiving/10