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Natalie Gornicki – Becoming a Comic Book Artist

Dive: Artist - Fine Arts
Description: Is a multitalented fine artist (painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, architecture, etc.)
Level: Level 1
Level Requirements: Has 5 certified Fine Arts dives at Level 1
Certified On: Mar 16, 2021

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Natalie Gornicki

Name: Natalie Gornicki Break Diving Level: Recruit Number of Certified Dives: 1 From: Germany In: Germany

1. When and Why Did You Decide to Pursue This Dive At This Level? What was your inspiration and motivation?

I was always drawing, ever since I was a little child. I loved to read comic books and it was my dream to become an artist myself. Even though my life took some turns now and again, I still made some sketches in the corners of my notes, anything that connected me back to art.

At the beginning of 2020, I finally decided to make this dream reality and pursue art as a full-time job.

I’m very inspired by all those great artists out there. Creating characters and worlds full of fantasy and love.

2. How Long Did It Take For You To Accomplish This Dive At This Level From The Day You Decided To Pursue It, And Why Did It Take That Long?

I’ve been working through tutorials and trying to get better at art for maybe 5 years now. I’m not sure at which point I took art seriously, but it was always pretty hard because there were always other things going on.

At the beginning of 2020, in April, I started to work through a “Curriculum for the Solo Artist”, which guides me through different tutorials that are online. So far I’m about to finish the second tutorial of this list of 21.

3. What Was The Hardest Part About Achieving This Particular Dive Level?

My biggest challenge for myself was my comic project, which I’m about to finish this year. I’ve only one page to work on left. It’s a work of 50 pages. I’ve never had to work on a whole book like this before, trying to keep my style consistent was incredibly hard but it also taught me a lot. I started to become better at drawing my own characters and I noticed that my overall anatomy improved.

4. What Was The Easiest Part About Achieving This Particular Dive Level?

Coloring my comic pages. I’ve always loved coloring. It’s very rewarding to put the colors down on a page and see how everything comes together.

5. What Is Your Advice For Someone Who Is Pursuing This Dive And Level?

It’s important to learn some basics when you’re starting out with art. I can recommend looking up tutorials from Proko, Draw a Box, and Brent Eviston. There are many many more out there though.

Learn what you’re interested in but always think about the basics. Perspective, Anatomy, etc.

Also very important, and I still struggle doing this myself: Draw every day. If you have no time, just do it for 10 minutes. Consistency is always so important!

6. What Are Some Of The Best Resources You Recommend to Those Pursuing This Dive At This Level, And Why Do You Recommend Them? Please Include Relevant Weblinks, If Applicable.

I’m working through this incredible curriculum you can find on reddit.

Other than that I can recommend everything from Brent Eviston, you can find him on Udemy or Skillshare

Resource 1: Break Diving - Come and learn and chat with other artists.

Resource 2: Reddit Course - Check out their incredible curriculum.

Resource 3: Brent Eviston Courses - He is awesome. Check him out.

Resource 4: -

Resource 5: -

7. Tell Us A Story Of One Of Your Adventures While Pursuing This Dive (At This Level).

There are many art classes out there, not all of them are worth your time or money. But sometimes you can have some luck.

It’s just something that happened to me when I was in one of my first classes that the teacher wasn’t really teaching us anything. She gave us something to paint from, that was everything she did. I got very depressed because I didn’t know how to use the paintbrush, how to mix colors, or anything. I think she said something like “Not everyone is able to be an artist” and that made things worse.

Two years later I was visiting another class, it wasn’t as strict and as expensive but the teacher was just really nice and talkative. He showed us actual basics and with those instructions, I was able to produce some paintings using acrylics for the first time. He was happy with me, I was happy with him.

Long story short: Find teachers that click with you. And don’t believe when some teachers tell you that you’re not cut out for the task. Sometimes it’s important to learn some things for yourself, but you can always find another class that might turn out to be better.

8. What Evidence Did You Submit to Prove You Met the Requirements for This Dive and Level?

  • The Break Diving dive committee and fellow members have verified many of my works of art that have been posted in the Break Diving community.

  • One of my Digital Paintings that I made recently in Krita

9. Will You Be Pursuing The Next Level For This Dive? If Yes, Why? If Not, Why Not?

Yes absolutely. I want to become excellent at what I’m doing and inspire others to go out of their comfort zone!

10. What is the Break Diver's Creed?

No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.

Certificate photo:

And having made this post, and provided adequate evidence to the dive committee, Natalie Gornicki is now hereby certified by Break Diving, Inc. as: Artist - Fine Arts - Level 1. Congratulations ! Thank you for being an inspiration to others!

Certificate number: 77

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