Samia Lebbar Does Not Yet Have An Accomplishments Page

Samia Lebbar is still a new Break Diver (Level: Recruit) and doesn't yet have any certified dives. Once members earn their first Level 1 dive certificaiton, they automatically earn their public accomplishments page.

Once Samia Lebbar unlocks this public accomplishments page, we will proudly begin to display all of this member's accomplishments, dives in pursuit, and dives of interest.

If you know Samia Lebbar, tell him/her to get a dive certified ASAP, so that the next time you visit this page, it starts to showcases many great life accomplishments.

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What's the Purpose of This Page?

Break Diving is a worldwide community of winners.

Break Divers live by the Break Diver's Creed: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets. Instead of waiting for opportunities to float to the surface, they dive in and make their own big breaks.

Once unlocked, this page showcases what dives Samia Lebbar has completed and at what level.

What is certification? It's a simple answer: if you've done something cool in life, we want to certify you in that dive, to prove to the world that you've accomplished it.

Certification is no casual matter. Break Diving requires overwhelming evidence before someone is certified in a dive, so you can be confident that if it's listed here on this page, the Break Diving staff has verified that it's something that Samia Lebbar has irrefutably accomplished. To augment this process, for each certified dive, Samia Lebbar has written a W.Y.S.E.guidance post, explaining why the dive was pursued and how the dive was achieved. Go check out all of the posts from each of our members and be inspired even more!

So, would you like to unlock your own certified accomplishments page that will help you showcase to the world what you've accomplished? Apply now to join our incredible worldwide community of winners today at and become Level 1 certified! Once you reach Level 1 (5 certified dives) your public accomplishments page will automatically become active. From there, keep on doing great things and move on to Break Diving Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, and Elite and inspire everyone around you to go after their dreams too.

See you in the community!