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Oh How It Feels To Fall From The Sky!

Dive: Adventurer - Sky Diver
Description: Jumping from high altitude with a parachute
Level: Level 2
Level Requirements: Has jumped at least 5 times, at least once with own parachute
Certified On: Jul 15, 2023

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Monroe Mann

Name: Monroe Mann Break Diving Level: Level 1 Number of Certified Dives: 14 From: United States In: United States

1. When and Why Did You Decide to Pursue This Dive At This Level? What was your inspiration and motivation?

I originally started my skydiving journey in 2012, but I stopped after 5 jumps.  Why? It's scary, it's expensive, and it's cold in NY in winter!  But I got back on the horse (or rather, the airplane) again in 2021 here in Florida.

2. How Long Did It Take For You To Accomplish This Dive At This Level From The Day You Decided To Pursue It, And Why Did It Take That Long?

I actually made my first 5 jumps back in 2012, in NY.  And then quit.  For the above reasons.  But I got back into the sport recently, and believe it or not, now I have my license!  But that's for another certification!  Back in 2012, it took me about 2 or 3 months to get to jump 5.  You definitely can't do all 5 in one day.  Why?  The first two are tandems.  But then you have to take a 6-hour ground school that always starts early in the morning.  You probably could do it in 3 days then.  

Day 1: Two Tandems
Day 2: Ground School
Day 3: Solo (with instructor) Jumps 1, 2, & 3

3. What Was The Hardest Part About Achieving This Particular Dive Level?

1. It's scary.
2. The cost.
3. The weather.  

So, make no mistake about it---at first, jumping out of an airplane is terrifying.  But soon, the terror gives way to absolute blissful fun!  But it doesn't happen immediately.

Next, it's expensive.  Each tandem is about $200.  And each training jump about $150.  Just to get to jump 5 costs about $750.  Maybe more, with ground school.

Finally, the weather.  Even if you're in Florida, it rains a lot, and the winds get high.  So it's not just the winter places that shut down at times.  But yeah, I definitely stopped in NY because October came alone, and it starts getting cold.  At 14,000 feet, if the temperature is chilly on the ground, it's freezing up top.  Even in Florida, in winter, at 14,000 feet, it is really really cold.

4. What Was The Easiest Part About Achieving This Particular Dive Level?

You can do your first 5 jumps all in 3 days.  You just need persistence, bravery, and the money to keep jumping.

5. What Is Your Advice For Someone Who Is Pursuing This Dive And Level?

No matter how scared you are... keep going.  I was petrified even up to jump 15.  Then, suddenly, I started to realize: hey, this is pretty safe.  And: hey, my parachute opens every time.  And: whoah, there is nothing to be scared of!   

Now, it took me a while to get to that point, and yes, I still get butterflies (which is good, for safety reasons, so I don't get cocky and reckless), but... you absolutely will get to the same point of feeling more adventurous and less scared.   If you find the idea of skydiving titillating, and the rush from jumping exhilarating... then you have no reason to stop.  Not fear.  Not money.  Not weather.  All three of those things can easily be overcome.  Just.  Keep.  Jumping.

6. What Are Some Of The Best Resources You Recommend to Those Pursuing This Dive At This Level, And Why Do You Recommend Them? Please Include Relevant Weblinks, If Applicable.

Ahh, lots of resources.  Here are some that you may find helpful.

Resource 1: Chuting Star - You won't likely be buying any gear until after you get your license, but looking at the gear may inspire you to push on!

Resource 2: Skydive Spaceland - Florida - This is where I ultimately got my license in Florida. It's one of the best teaching dropzones in the world.

Resource 3: Monroe's Skydiving Videos - I post skydiving videos on my channel. You can see all of my training jumps there!

Resource 4: Skydive The Ranch - New York - This is where I did my first 2 tandems many years ago.

Resource 5: -

7. Tell Us A Story Of One Of Your Adventures While Pursuing This Dive (At This Level).

I remember long before 2012 that I wanted to go skydiving.  It was back in 1995, while I was a freshman at Furman University.   Some people asked, and I said no.  And I regretted it ever since.

About 18 years later, after I went the first time in 2012, I new then that I wanted to keep going.  But for the above reasons, I stopped.

Here's my advice: don't stop.  I am SO proud of myself that I reached jump 5, and even more proud of myself that I returned to the sport last year (2021) to continue the pursuit.  

KEEP GOING!  I know you will be so proud of yourself once you earn your A license, just like me!

8. What Evidence Did You Submit to Prove You Met the Requirements for This Dive and Level?

You can view STP jumps 1 to 8 now on YouTube.  Here is the thumbnail for my most recent jump posted on YouTube:

9. Will You Be Pursuing The Next Level For This Dive? If Yes, Why? If Not, Why Not?

Yes!  Definitely!   The next skydiving Break Diving level, I believe, is the A License.  I earned that two months ago.  And after that, it's the B License.  I look forward to writing about BOTH here on Break Diving!

10. What is the Break Diver's Creed?

No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.

Certificate photo:

And having made this post, and provided adequate evidence to the dive committee, Monroe Mann is now hereby certified by Break Diving, Inc. as: Adventurer - Sky Diver - Level 2. Congratulations ! Thank you for being an inspiration to others!

Certificate number: 147

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