About BreakDiving.io

We are a brand new online/offline community that helps you find success, true friendship, and genuine happiness in life, with members from around the world.

  • Find inspiration, direction, and accountability for your life's passions
  • Attend fun in-person get-togethers in cities near you (and worldwide) on hundreds of topics
  • Learn and practice: foreign languages, coding, finance, showbiz, sports, & more
  • Get cheered up when you're sad, improve your self-esteem, and feel awesome about your life!

Come join us! When we work together, it's a heck of a lot easier to find success in life!

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About Break Diving, Inc.

BreakDiving.org is the parent company of BreakDiving.io. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit with one mission: your success. Instead of waiting for opportunities to float to the surface, Break Divers dive in to the cold and icy, shark-infested waters of resistance, and make their own breaks.

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Features & Benefits

Find below all the amazing reasons why you are going to love our new community. Click on each tab to get the inside scoop!

  • Choose Your Dives

    A dive is a dream. We've got you covered from Acting & Coding to French & Zimbabwe.

    It's easy to choose right from your profile.
  • Share Your Plans

    Share your plans within the community to get the support you need.

    We help you out with the accountability.
  • Make New Friends

    We have members from all around the world, and many are pursuing the very same dives you are!

    Work together to score more points and move up in levels!
  • Attend Live Break-Outs Around The World

    We want you to make as many positive and supportive connections as possible so we don't limit you by geographic area!

    Our community is both online and in person.
  • Actually Feel Better About Yourself

    Everyone in our community abides by the Break Diver's Creed and the Diver's Code, so no criticism, no politically correct shaming, and no losing friends over stupid arguments!

    Shouldn't social media improve your self-worth?
  • Live Chat, Message Boards, Direct Messages

    Everything you'd expect on a good community site.

    We've got you covered.
  • Unique Additional Features

    No other site is as focused on you attaining your dreams!

    Our dive program helps dreams come true.
  • Inspiring, Supportive, Friendly

    Imagine a community where everyone wants to support you, root you on, and help you achieve your life's ambitions!

    Imagine no longer.
  • Awesome Awesome People

    The people in our community are some of the best you can find!

    You'll be making new friends from day one.
  • Rome, Shanghai, New York

    Ready to meet people from all around the world tackling their dreams?

    Come see for yourself what it's all about.
  • You Are Awesome

    That's good news, because we only recruit awesome people.

    Care to join us?
  • You Are Unique

    Our members hail from around the world, and you will fit right in.

    We've been waiting for you.
  • You Need Support

    Anyone who says they don't is lying.

    Our community is the support you need.
  • You Need Friendship

    Technology has taken the place of hanging out with friends.

    We are bringing traditional in-person friendship back. Nice!
  • You'll Love Break Diving

    We are certain that once you join, you'll be recruiting all your friends.

    See you soon!

Pricing plans

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in New York, USA. All membership fees paid are tax-deductible in the USA, and serve to further our charitable mission, build up our scholarship fund, fund our endowment, and help make dreams come true for people around the world.

Sign up before March 1 and as a show of appreciation you will gain access to the community up to three weeks prior to launch as part of our VIP club! Plus, get a big discount off the March 1 rates!

$ 0 /1-year


  • Only 3 Dives
  • No Live Chat, No Private Messaging
  • Higher Activity Requirements (Monthly)
  • No Live Events
  • Limited Trial
$ 15 $10 /3-Mo


  • Unlimited Dives in Pursuit
  • Access To All Features
  • Lower Activity Requirements (Quarterly)
  • May Register For Live Events
  • Now Only $10! Save $5. Please support us!
Join Now!

NOTE: After you pay, within 24 hours you will receive a welcome email with further instructions. However, you will NOT gain access to the site until earliest mid-February. If after you pay, you do not receive a welcome email within 24 hours, please send an email to info at break diving dot org


Frequently Asked Questions

It's three things.
  • First, it's a way of life. Instead of waiting for opportunities, Break Divers dive in to the cold and icy waters of resistance and make their own breaks.
  • Second, it's a not-for-profit company, with one primary mission: helping others find success, happiness, and friendship in life.
  • Third, it's a worldwide community of people who help one another succeed through a unique social networking experience that can only be found on this website.
  • Not at all. First, Break Diving is a not-for-profit. We're not out to make billions at your expense; we're out to change the world for the better for each and every one of our users, and that means YOU.
  • Our focus is you, and not shareholders. Every feature we add is designed, not to addict you and collect data to sell, but to improve your happiness, friendships, and success in life.
  • Break Diving abides by the Terms of Service Fairness Project, so you clearly know what the terms of service and privacy policy are, and that they are fair. Our simple TOS will be released on March 1, 2019 and will virtually be a copy of the user bill of rights you find on that site.

Here's the monster-size list!

  1. Break Diving is a worldwide connected community. Not only do you get to meet others in your city pursuing the same dreams, but also across the country, and across the globe. If you switch cities for a day (or for a year), not only do your group memberships automatically switch too, but you already know others in the new city because our online community is connected globally. For example, when you move from NYC to Tokyo, you'll leave the Acting NYC and French NYC groups and transfer automatically to the Tokyo Acting and Tokyo French groups. All with a click of the mouse.
  2. Each of our in-person BreakOuts is run by trained Break Diving Staff, regardless of city, country, or topic, so you never have to wonder if the live get-together is going to be organized and led well. It will be!
  3. All Break Diving members follow the same philosophy: No Rules. No Excuses. No Regrets.™ and adhere to the same Diver's Code, so at each meeting, you'll know that you are going to get along with everyone, because you are cut from the same inspiring mold. Best part: you probably already know many members attending the meetings through prior conversation in our inspiring online community.
  4. At Break Diving, our mission is your success and happiness, and no one else's. We value unyielding encouragement, positive teamwork, true friendship, and genuine support.
  5. At Break Diving, we don't sell your data for advertising. We think this is contrary to putting the user first.
  6. At Break Diving, we don't want you addicted to social media, so we force all members off each month on "Break Diving Days", encouraging members to go out into the real world, with real people, pursuing real dreams. During this time, no one may access the site.
  7. The Break Diving dive program actually results in measurable career, job, and life progression, helping and encouraging you as you climb to the next rung of your ladder.
  8. At Break Diving, we verify every accomplishment, accolade, and job you claim, ensuring others can completely trust your profile. If it ain't true, or it ain't you, it doesn't find its way onto your profile.
  9. At Break Diving, we eliminate raw and crass self-promotion that doesn't clearly have a benefit to other members.
  10. At Break Diving, you won't find political or religious anger and argument. No one ever benefits from the vitriol we see on social media, so we got rid of it.
  11. At Break Diving, you won't be subject to constant public humiliation, criticism, shaming, or negative peer pressure. We are of the belief that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  12. At Break Diving, there's no drive to gain 'followers' or 'likes', because we don't think either helps you in your daily life. Pursuing likes and followers is counterproductive to your well being, both psychologically and emotionally.
  13. At Break Diving, your happiness and contentment levels actually increase the more you use our site. It's been proven time and time again in our current community, and when you join, you'll see what we mean.
  14. At Break Diving, you won't hurt yourself trying to take dangerous photos just to impress people. We're all for photos, but we strive for friendship, not vanity.
  15. And... at Break Diving, your risk of selfie addiction will drop, for we emphasize living your life in the real world, which is a lot more exciting.

We charge money for a few reasons:

  • We don't want to sell you out to advertisers. We don't sell advertising, and have no plans to, so it's our membership fees that keep us growing.
  • We don't want you to have to deal with unprofessional people in the community. By requiring payment for full access, we can weed out many negative and unserious people. It acts as quality control for our valued members.
  • People tend to value more what they have to work for and pay for, the result being a more active membership than we'd have otherwise.

Note that we do offer a limited free plan. We also offer scholarship opportunities for those who truly cannot afford our services but who fully embody what Break Diving stands for.

Three reasons:

  • You will save money by signing up now. On March 1, the rates go back up to regular prices.
  • You will gain early access. Those who sign up now will receive their username and passwords up to 3 weeks before the general public.
  • You get to help shape the service by providing early feedback and suggestions to our development team.

If you are a U.S. Citizen, and you itemize your deductions, the IRS allows a membership fee of up to $75 paid to a U.S. charity to be deducted from your taxes as a charitable donation. Therefore, up to $75 of your annual membership fees may be deducted.

We have a current community on Slack with over 7,000 members, many of whom will be transfering over to our new community on or before March 1. Some have already paid for their membership. We expect the community to be filled with a small but devoted group of wonderful people on launch day on March 1, and we hope you are one of them. We will grow from there.

Slack is a business tool, and is not meant to act as a community site. Moreover, it's in no way equipped to handle the international and dream-focused purpose of our company.

Therefore, our new community is VERY different:

  • Your profile shows what country you're from, what major world city you're in now, what languages you speak, what languages you study, what your dreams are, and which dives you are actively pursuing--Slack doesn't do that!
  • You can find others in your city and around the world who are pursuing the same dives--Slack doesn't do that!
  • You can easily join in-person events in major world cities near you to help you network with others on the same path you are--Slack doesn't do that!
  • And the list goes on...

Yup! We have individual message boards and live chat rooms for any language with at least 2 members, so you can practice with other members.

Plus, we have begun to offer live language classes, practice sessions, and more.

It is. We link the community to our new website WYSEguidance, and also the Break Diving blog, as well as our self-study classroom.

If you're a lifelong learner, you're going to love Break Diving.

Since we are a charitable organization, we ask that anyone who signs up and pays a registration fee believe in our mission first and foremost. For this reason, we do not offer refunds--your membership fee, if you choose not to take advantage of your membership, will be allocated for use in pursuit of our global mission.

Inititally, no. As members join, the system keeps track of how many members we have in each country, and which dives they are pursuing. Once there are enough members in particular cities pursuing particular dives, new 'breakout' groups are created.

However, the online community itself will keep you busy as the membership numbers grow in your particular city. We are all friends!

Finally, we have a great referral program, so you can easily invite your friends from your city, and gain points for doing so!

There are approximately 150 dives so far to choose from: adventure dives, career dives, travel dives, language dives, financial dives, showbiz dives, and the list goes on. Trust us: you're going to find so many dreams you want to pursue you're gonna have a hard time choosing where to start!

As we approach launch day on March 1, we will probably be posting the 2019 Dive List publicly, either on this site, or at our main company website. Stay tuned!

Note: those who sign up early will be able to help us add new dives that perhaps we hadn't thought of. Yet another reason to join our VIP club by signing up prior to March 1!

Our community is only useful if our members pursue their dreams and help one another. Therefore, we require all of our members to meet minimum activity requirements each quarter. If you do not meet them, you risk losing your membership access and forfeiting your membership fee. You would also have to make a $5 donation to Break Diving, and a $5 donation to another charity to be reconsidered for membership.

Why do we do this? To encourage you to stay active!

The Team

BreakDiving.io is a joint effort of the following people. Read full bios at www.breakdiving.org/staff

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Monroe Mann

Founder / Exec Dir

Backend Development Team / Board

New York, USA

speaker img

Debbie Bordelon


Chicago, USA

speaker img

Merlen Hoekstra



speaker img

Tara Jakaieo

Head of Development

Boston, USA

speaker img

Emmilie Estabillo

Back End Developer

New York, USA

speaker img

Juliana Bustamante

Front-End Developer

New York, USA

speaker img

Robert Chen

Front-End Developer

Seattle, USA

speaker img

Tyrone Alcorn


Austin, USA

speaker img

Shree Patel

Marketing / Front-End Developer

New York, USA

speaker img

Rae Chakarutpahu

Marketing Manager

Los Angeles, USA

speaker img

Leul Mamo

Marketing Team

Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

speaker img

Lija Jose

Front-End Coding Team

Dallas, USA

speaker img

Echo Yu

Fluency Project / Chinese Team

Suzhou, CHINA

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