What is the best way to get started in this dive?
First to get started with Git/Github, you should learn the basics before you actually install and set it up. You could read some guides about it or watch tutorials on YouTube so that you are familiar with the commands.  Also, be sure to create an account on Github.  All of this is free to get started.

Then you should install a Linux distribution onto your computer, such as Ubuntu.  That way you’ll be able to run Git commands on it.  There are guides that show you the steps for configuring Git and connecting it to your Github account.  We’ve included some of them in the resources section. 

So it's now time to put together a solid study plan and schedule, using the many resources we have assembled for you on the pages to come.

To get started, we recommend that your very first step should be to apply/login to our worldwide Git/Github community on Break Diving, and tell us that you are pursuing this dive! Then, your second step is to come back here and go to the next article to find the resources you need to succeed in learning or mastering Git/Github!