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Description: Description: THIS IS A PAID CLASS: $10 US Dollars. LENGTH: 1 hour. Ready to improve all aspects of your English, from pronunciation and vocabulary to sentence structure and idioms? Ready to take this ADVANCED class in speaking, listening, reading, and writing? Learn from trained TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) instructor Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, a native English speaker from the USA, who has taught over 3,000 students while teaching multiple times at Wall Street English, in Shanghai, China. He's also a lawyer, book author, public speaker, and yep, the founder of Break Diving! 2 STEPS TO REGISTER: 1) Register here by clicking the button, and 2) BE SURE to visit to make payment. You must make payment within 24 hours of registering AND also prior to attending the class. We can't wait to help you improve your English! Each class focuses on one or more advanced topics. Not all topics mentioned above necessarily covered in each class. Topics chosen by teacher.